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Scotland - beautyful!

Nearly no sleep, traffic jam, air conditioner, to cold, unconfortable, full house, a talkative guide, toilets at motorway services...
An 11-hour-coach trip from Eastbourne to Edinburgh (with a rolling r - :-) )
A russian friend awakes me. A glance out of the window tells me that we must be in Scotand. The landscape is hilly, with clouds hanging on top of the hills. We have a last stop at a motorway service area. Time to brush our teeth and hair, refresh ourselves and put some make-up on our overtired faces, so that we are ready for Edinburgh.

a first impression - with blue sky!

Then we went on to Edinburgh where our guide, a retired scottish english-literature teacher, sent us off to get some breakfast and forget the night (that was rather difficult because every yawn reminded us...).
After breakfast, we met our group again and went for a walk through Edinburgh. Somthing interesting about this city: It is devided in two parts: old town and new town but, the new town was built in the 18th Century, because of the plague in the old town. Our guide, Reynold told us that the new town of Edinburgh was the first designed town, even before Paris. And off course I visited the Edinburgh Caslte.

As the weather was not very well, it was difficult to make good pictures, but here some of the few left:

View to Edinburgh Castle. on the right you can see the stage of the tatoo-festival

Inside the caste: a scotish man wearing a kilt and his cousin. They are waiting for his bride. One brasilian woman couldn't sustain from asking him THE question: If he wears underwear... he didn't tell it. Reynold told us to be careful because sometimes they show you the answer instead of telling it

the castle is built on a rock

 every day at one o'clock, there's a cannon shot. At the same time a big bowle on top of a tower sinks

the reason is: every scotish knows that it is one o'clock and even the people on the sea have the exact time.

bag piper... instead of the organ at a wedding

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