eastbourne - beachy head and seven sisters

Today I spent a beautiful day walking to the Seven Sisters.
I first had to walk to Beachy Head. I was nearly there before (pictures, see: 28.08 - 1.9.06) But this time I went alone and I really reached it.
on the way...
where is the wind coming from?

... but today it wasn't really windy..
lighthouse in front of Beachy Head

Is this the only place for paragliders? You can see Eastbourne in the background. The shiny building in the sea is the pier.

On the cliffs you have to be very careful, because of the erosion. And also, this area is known as a place for suicide.  erosion

lighthouse from the other side and with sunshine

view to the next head with an other lighthouse on top of it
Finally I reached the Seven Sisters, seven eye-catching steep rugged white cliffs after a walk of 2.5 hours including stops to take pictures. Here I bumped into two friends from St.Giles, you saw them on the pictures from London. They are both Swiss students. But in contrast to me, they went by bus to Beachy Head and then walked to Seven Sisters :-). Together we went to the beach in front of the cliffs and enjoyed some sunny hours (?...) before we took the bus back to Eastbourne.


low tide at the Seven Sisters

Andrea and Sandra, background: some of the Seven Sisters (sorry Andrea, I couldn't find the eye-opening tool in the photo-machining program :-( )

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