eastbourne - third week

As you probably know, I'm not making holydays everyday, but I'm going to school. The school (St. Giles International) is not too big and very nice. But it seems that an international school may have problems you don't think that they can exist ;) just look :

the lamb
Eastbournes oldest pub (dated from 1180). By now I haven't visited it, but there's enough time left to do that :)

british humour?: Army bird ....

and the common hill partridge...   somehow this reminds me on our Engadin-holydays: Mormotae
faeces communis (?), gemeiner Berghümper...

I'm living in a new home and in a newer part of Eastbourne. Here, as you can see, bricks are no longer the main building material. But now all the houses have the same shape...

British people say, the weather in August wasn't very nice. They somtimes even say the weather was horrible. Probably it's as a compensation of the too hot july-weather... anyway, for me, it is sometimes really confusing. It may change three times a day or even more. Here a picture after sun, wind, rain,... now everything together.

The first time i spend a whole morning at the beach. Unfortunately I chose the wrong place - there was only one strip of clouds, exactly above me. I just was too lazy to walk 100 meters.

Stonehenge: first impression and outlook: you find more about it on the next page


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