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Edinburgh is one of the nicest cities I've ever seen. If I had do chose a city to live in Great Britain, Edinburgh would be No.1.

the oldest shop

this is said to be the oldest iron bridge

and this one was the longest of this kind of bridges when it was built

In Stirling we slept in the Youth Hostel. It is situated in an old church. When we watched through the window in our room, we could see tombs. They have lots of old buildings which look old but are new inside and have now an other funkction. The old jail for example is now a bar, the newer jail is a museum,... But they have to stay exactly the same from outside becaues everything's protectet.

tombs next to the Youth Hostel

Trip to the countryside:
We spent the whole Saturday travelling through Scotland's country side. We saw some very nice lochs, we went to scotland's smallest whiskey-destillery, and enjoyed the view in the scotish "mountains" (in this area they are up to 1200 m above sea level !!! ;-) )

loch gübsen?

scottish village

tasting whiskey

 the destillery ->

an other loch and some mountains

mountain ash or sorb Scots use to plant a sorb next to their house for the reason to keep whitches away.

haggis. Please don't ask me and don't ever tell me what haggis contains! But I had to try it. We had a Scottish evening with scotish meals and scotish dancing :-)

Reynold in action

I think that's enough for now :-) may be I will go back to scotland next year. It is realy beatuyful there!

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